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Sydney (Australia) based Luka Sambe's productions have found their place in well-respected labels like Lost & Found, Mesmeric, Perspectives Digital & Traum. With a knack for creating exquisite soundscapes, along with serious attention to detail, his music portrays a sonically-lush journey that many crave in this formulaic world. We're thrilled to have closed 2016 with Luka Sambe's beautiful 3-track EP titled "Becoming". Let's dig a little deeper into his world.

01. Before I begin, I must congratulate you on your Juicebox Music debut! What was the idea or the story behind your latest EP 'Becoming'?

Luka Sambe: Thank you Juicebox, it's a real pleasure to join your label alongside some great artists and a very talented family. I never produce with a particular intention, I prefer to let my brain freestyle and my imagination guide the track. That being said, I want all of my EP's to possess variety and challenge the listener, Becoming was no different hence why I've included 3 tracks with 3 different genres.

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02. When and how did you start producing music ? Who were your biggest inspirations and how did they translate into your style now?

Luka Sambe: I was 14 and obsessed with music. Something inside me wanted to create my own story through sound. I begged my mum to buy me the game Music 2000 on Playstation where I learnt the basics of music production, from that moment, I was hooked forever. Biggest inspirations growing up were Guy J and Joris Voorn, they have this simple beauty about their music that is intoxicating.  I attempt to recreate that intoxicating and serene atmosphere in my own pieces, I strive for compositions that ultimately leave you feeling lifted and moved.

03. For the geeks, what's lying around in your studio?

Luka Sambe: I keep my studio very simple. I use Ableton, I have my Event monitors, my Mac desktop and a few Plug Ins that I go to for some magic.

04. Last December you released an EP on 'Lost and Found' and then went on to wrap up 2016 in style with 3 track EP release on Juicebox Music. Could you tell us something about your upcoming projects and releases.

Luka Sambe: I can't say too much, but I do have a couple of EP's scheduled for release in 2017 on some really fantastic labels. Some quite different tracks featuring on these EP's that really push the boundaries but don't stray too far from my own sound.

05. What change would you want to see or bring to the current Electronic dance Music scene? Hows electronic music faring in your country?

Luka Sambe: Electronic Music in Australia is quite mainstream and my city of Sydney has strict rules on all nightclubs, so I would say it is struggling a little bit at the moment. Australia has some great artists that don't really have an outlet to tell their story or many labels to get their vision out to the world. Where there is music and clubs, there is this culture where you have to conform to fit in. I constantly see people doing what others do so they can be seen and so they 'look cool'. It's not necessary in my opinion, I would like to see people be themselves more often, and the electronic music industry would greatly benefit from this.

06. Which is your favorite Juicebox release so far and if possible, your favorite track?

Luka Sambe: "Esensides - Submarine". Quite a hypnotic and clean track that you can really get lost in and imagine another world.

07. Could you tell us something about yourself that we possibly couldn't find on the internet?

Luka Sambe: I love to cook, food is a big part of my personal life. Every family celebration revolves around food so I love to get in the kitchen and create dishes. It's very much like music as you start with nothing and with your own actions create something to enjoy. I find food and cooking very rewarding and satisfying.

08. You released a track called 'Where is Dennis' last year. Is 'Cooking with Dennis'  a sequel to it? We are curious to know the idea behind both these tracks. 

Luka Sambe: Dennis is my alter ego, he has retired for now and possibly forever. Dennis loved to party, Dennis was quite crazy. My mates constantly ask me 'Where Is Dennis'? Dennis is in the kitchen, cooking of course.

09. Where do you envision your musical career in the next five years?

Luka Sambe:  I will definitely still be producing music, beautiful music with soul and melodies that lead you down mysterious pathways. I want to keep pushing boundaries without limitations, break the rules more often and make the listener earn the pleasure that is hidden in my journeys. Music is everything to me and to be able to express myself through sound is at the very core of my soul.

10. The end of the world is coming, your last performance, tell us five tracks you would want to play.

Luka Sambe: 

- Gui Boratto - No Turning Back
- Alan Fitzpatrick - Reflections
- Guy J - Dizzy Moments
- Thomas Newman - Any Other Name
- Guy J - My Dizzy

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