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Hailing from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, this young man has made a mark for himself in Argentina's vibrant music scene. His peculiar sound selection and recognizable melodies aim to achieve his vision, songs are stories and music is the vehicle. He believes " Music shouldn't be done if there is nothing to tell". His first massive apparition in electronic music scene came by Hernán Cattaneo's hand, playing his own edit of Rodrigo Mateo's main track - Stereotypes, at Moonpark Buenos Aires, after two years without any edition of this world class rave.
With highly acclaimed tracks under his belt, an upcoming duo project with friend & fellow producer Santi Mossman, we were more than glad to have him on board Juicebox Music with a spectacular remix of Dio S - Una Happiness. We give you Rodrigo Mateo.

01. Tell us something about yourself that your fans don't know.

Rodrigo Mateo: I miss Carl Sagan.

02. From what we've heard, Argentina is a beautiful place and blooming with brilliant progressive artists such as yourself. How hard/easy was it for you to make it at such an early age?

Rodrigo Mateo: Most producers I know started making music just with a computer (like me), most times without even a MIDI keyboard. I think its a generational thing, more than a geographic thing. Anyway, I can't say its easy, the amount of topics an electronic musician must know is overwhelming, as you can't be just a musician (what most of us are not), you also have to develop skills in mixing tracks, colouring, applying effects, synthesizing, sound designing, mastering and the list goes on. Briefly, you have to love what you do. 'Cause if you don't love spending the weekends in your computer while your friends are partying, if you don't love spending your few hours after work in creating a sound you will possibly delete at the end of the day, this is probably not for you.

03. What kind of music were you listening to growing up, who are your influences?

Rodrigo Mateo: Almost everything! A lot of Techno, some Jazz and ambient. I've been through some weird stages during youth, by listening to glitchy morphing noises for hours from Hafler Trio, and that as a few people noticed, is one of my biggest influences. There are a few iconic records as Sasha's Airdrawndagger and Involver, Hernán's Parallel, everything by Daft Punk. They are still influencing me.

04. Hernan Cattaneo has been supporting your music immensely. No doubt you're feeling ecstatic about it. Any plans of you & Hernan working together in the future?

Rodrigo Mateo: I will always be grateful to Hernán for his support on my music, as he gave me the most beautiful gift, which is seeing with my own eyes a entire crowd at Moonpark, dancing to my music. But no plans for the near future.

05. Word is you've been working on a whole new live setup. A little sneak peak into what it's going to be like?

Rodrigo Mateo: Yeah! my objective regarding to live setup is NOT using any recorded track, not a single one. Anyway there is a long time ahead until I succeed. In order to achieve this I've learned some code and scripting necessary to create layouts in Lemur (for iPad). When I perform live I use two iPads running Lemur to create drum patterns, to tweak the sound with a vast variety of weird effects, to run and morph synthesizer patches and more. My next step is to dominate the Machinedrum, a very complex and full of capabilities German monster, which I'm gonna use to drive the grooves.

06. Your productions have a very unique structure, its always exciting and different on each track. What's your thought & work process when you sit down to make a track?

Rodrigo Mateo: The workflow is always different. Sometimes I finish a track in 3 days like my remix on Henry Saiz - Vargtimmen, but a track like Microcosmos took me 3 months. A few days ago I finished a track I started in february so it's been 6 months. I don't think its all about inspiration, it's important but it's not all. Sometimes you look for a sound for a week and all you find is nothing but a headache, then you frustrate and put the project in the freezer. A month later, you open the project and in a few hours you find yourself doing more than in all your previous work! That happens all the time. Anyway there are some common steps in all my  workflows, I always start with the groove... but with my mind in blank. I trust my mood will lead me to make the groove I need in that specific moment. Then I do the harmonic content, right after the groove. Effects are the last step.

07. You've associated with Praveen Achary before, his remix of your track Carbon monoxide was a floor wrecker. Any plans on coming to India for gigs or a vacation maybe?

Rodrigo Mateo: I'd love to gig in India! but first I've to finish my live performance :).

08. What's new in your studio?

Rodrigo Mateo: 'I've been buying some new equipment for a time, and I will continue doing this for some more. My most beautiful aquisition is a Access Virus TI2 Desktop, i'm using it as main synthesizer as its very powerful, sounds beautiful, complex, warm, anyway you want, and runs 16 tracks simultanously!. I also got a Elektron Machinedrum UW+ for drum synthesis, a Alesis Micron to get some glitchy and very dynamic noises, and finally a Korg MS-20 Mini for the rough analog duty. MS-20 sounds very dirty, a bit satanic i'd say.

09. The end of the world is coming, your last performance, Tell us five tracks you would want to play.

Rodrigo Mateo:
- Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent Thoughts
- Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas - Instant Crush
- Damabiah - Flowers Planet (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)
- Guy J - Lamur
- Mercurio – Acoustic

Thank you Rodrigo for taking the time for this interview and letting us know you better. Do check out his fantastic remix of "Dio S - Una Happiness" out now on Beatport, iTunes, Junodownload & Traxsource

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