Juicebox Interviews Santiago Garcia

We catch up with Argentinian - Santiago Garcia, for a one-on-one conversation discussing his unique sound that's made him in-demand, his thoughts on the Argentinian music scene as well as celebrating the first release of Juicebox Music for which he provided a floor rumbling interpretation. With productions on Flow Vinyl, Mesmeric, Particles and many more, his work has been championed by the who's who in the industry.

01. Tell us something about 'Santiago Garcia' that we wouldn't find in your biography.

Santiago Garcia: I started to love music when I met Gustavo Cerati (rest in peace), a friend of my dad, when I was 8 years old. I saw all the things he had, the music he made and all that you can love when you see. This inspired me to learn & play the piano, guitar and some other instruments.

My career as DJ & producer began in 2003, it wasn’t exactly as we call it today - 'electronic music'. I was first exposed to electronic music in 2004 through known DJs like David Guetta, Eric Prydz and others in those years, and that's how a lot of my current influences in music were appearing. My first tracks was categorized as funky house and my first release as a producer, at the age of 18, was on a label from Canary Islands. Then I started disclosing my material and working with great artists like Hector Couto, a clear example of house & tribal scene, and that in turn became what my mixes sounded like. Over time, I heard so many genres of electronic music and I ended up liking the sound of progressive house. Mixing my sound [then] along with hypnotic melodies, was to create my unique sound - a mix of house, deep, and progressive. I never really liked the traditional progressive house percussions, it felt boring to me, so that's why I've always kept my house background.

02. You come from a country that has exploded into the musical scene. Some of the best artists, at the tip of every tongue, is from Argentina. Is there a healthy 'music' scene in each city which drives individuals to pursue making music?

Santiago Garcia: Electronic music is heard throughout in Argentina and there are lots of artists making music, especially progressive house. But there's enough of everything, which is good. In the scene, there are always good and bad things, but what I learned from experiencing the culture here is that people do it because they love it and that's never going to end.

03. Almost every production of yours has been charted and well received by a number of A-list DJs and other artists. There's a distinct 'sound' when you see 'Santiago Garcia' attached to a track that is currently making you an in-demand artist. Could you describe this sound to us?

Santiago Garcia: I really appreciate that and I thank everyone who is supporting my sound. I worked very hard to be what I am today. I don't know if I'm the best option right now, but I always try to do my best to excel in every release I'm included in. My sound is as explained above, a mix of house, deep and progressive.

04. You've currently remixed the first single on Juicebox Music by Praveen Achary & Vipul which has gotten rave reviews by everyone who's heard it. Your first association with Praveen was when he did a remix of Rodrigo Mateo's "Carbon Monoxide" for your label - Baires, which went on to getting massive support, especially from Hernan Cattaneo. Can we expect more projects from you along with Praveen or Juicebox? Maybe a collaboration?

Santiago Garcia: It is a pleasure to be in Praveen’s label, even more that it's the first release. I’m very happy about the work I did for him and about the work he did with Vipul to make this release possible. I respect Praveen’s work, he is very correct in the things he does, his music and how it is handled. I consider him as a friend and of course I would love to continue working for Juicebox Music in the near future, if i have time of course .

05. As a producer, we are often influenced by other artists. Who are yours? Would you want to collaborate with the most?

Santiago Garcia: I'd love to work with Depeche Mode, Gustavo Cerati, Gorillaz, among others.

06. As a DJ, we're aware that you enjoy playing more groove oriented tracks that work better on the dancefloor rather than hypnotic progressive. While on the radio, specifically your show "Involved" on friskyRadio, you showcase a lot more 'progressive' vibes which makes you quite versatile. Do you enjoy other styles of electronic music that you wish to play out as well?

Santiago Garcia: That's true, I'm very different when I play music in a night club. What I play in clubs is more of a tech sound, or deep & nu disco ... depends of the time in the night. The truth is that I don’t feel good about playing progressive on the dancefloor because it's a bit boring for people that doesn't know too much about this sound. This style of music (in my opinion) is for people who are educated and knows a lot about electronica so they could capture the work, especially the depth in melodies. Tech House & Techno is music that a person can assimilate more, I mean they can understand easily and is danceable. Anyway I have material in these genres too so when I play, I can play my music as well because I love the genres so when i play i can play my music too, because I love these genres as much as progressive house or any other genre.

involved friskyradio santiago garcia

07. Have you ever thought of doing an artist album or even a mix-compilation?

Santiago Garcia: Yes i am making one under a new alias - “Mindlook”.

08. If you knew you were playing the last gig of your life, what would be your closing track?

Santiago Garcia: Dido - My Lover's Gone (Santiago Garcia Unofficial Remix). But it could be something else later.

09. For all our technology savvy readers, could you tell us what your studio looks like and comprises of?

Santiago Garcia: Not much. I just have a keyboard controller to play music, KRK monitors, VSTs and my head.

10. Any quick production tips you'd like to share?

Santiago Garcia: Make your own melodies, do not use samples to do it faster. Use your head, it’s all there.

11. Whats coming up next for Santiago Garcia in 2013?

Santiago Garcia: A lot of new music & a new style growing up with my friend Dark Soul Project.

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