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Celebrating the release of 'Elements - Vol I' on Juicebox Music and coming in 3rd to bat is Daniel Moore, aka Ablekid, with 'Consciousness Conductor'. A veteran DJ/producer from the famous Orlando underground, now lives in Austin (Texas, USA). Much like his esteemed mix sets, Ablekid's honed his production skills to become more refined and thought-provoking, which is exactly what goes on in "Consciousness Conductor". A seamless transition in phrases armed with incredibly memorable melodies, vocal hits, bubbly basslines, wobbly stabs and a soaring pad over shuffled drums.

Read our quick-fire questions below:

01. Could you tell us something about yourself that we possibly couldn't find on the internet?

Well the main thing is that I am not a "kid", I'm actually 42 years old; I get that one a lot. My job as a project manager has me working on some of the largest and important construction projects in the state of Texas. I am also married to my beautiful wife for almost 18 years. No kids, a new house, and a new puppy. Life is good.

02. Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration to do what you do now in music?
Without a doubt, Kimball Collins and Dave Cannalte. If you witnessed what I witnessed every weekend from 1990-1992 [AAHZ, Orlando] you'd say the same thing. These guys inspired an entire generation of current-day who's who - think Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, Justin Scott Dixon, etc.

04. Your favourite Juicebox release so far?
Easy one - that would be David Granha's remix of Tommi Oskari's "Mind Tingle". The 303 work on that track and the hype percussion create so much energy I was sold on it the second I heard it, will be playing it for years to come. A close second would surely be "Sigiriya" (Original Mix).

04. For the geeks, what's lying around in your studio?
27" iMac running Ableton Live 9 Suite
1 - Traktor Kontrol S8
2 - Technics 1200's w/ digivinyl
1 - Pioneer CDJ-1000
Bass Bot TT-303 analog synth
Sylenth VST & Various Waves Plugins
Akai APC40
Akai MPK25
KRK Rokit 6
oh, and an M-Audio Trigger Finger - I'll always keep that handy

05. The end of the world is coming, your last performance. Tell us five tracks you would want to play.
Promised Land - Something In The Air (Excursion Mix)
Ultraviolet - Kites
MUUI - Confetti in Her Hair (Luis Junior Remix)
Moshic Feat. Joe Elbaz - Feed My Soul (Guy J Remix)
closer --> King Unique - Without Boxes (Petrels Remix)


"Ablekid - Consciousness Conductor" is now available on Beatport as part of the 'Elements - Vol 1' release.

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