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Celebrating the release of 'Elements - Vol I' on Juicebox Music, we catch up with Maurice Caron who provided us with '7 IX'. Based in Leeuwarden (Netherlands), is knack for creating deep musical pieces has earned him places on labels like Particles, Inmost and Majestic Family. '7 IX' consists of multiple arpeggiated high-pitched tones converging on a bed of subtly shuffled grooves while ethereal pads and celestial vocals take turns swirling around a modulated bassline riff. We think Maurice's delivered one of his best, yet.

Read our quick-fire questions below:

01. Could you tell us something about yourself that we possibly couldn't find on the internet?
I'm vegetarian and a social worker for profession, where I have to find families who want to take care of minor refugees. I lived in Spain and in the caribbean for a longer time and travelled many countries and continents with many to follow. My favorite sport to watch is darts :).

02. Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration to do what you do now in music?
Maybe it sounds crazy, but that has to be DJ Ruffneck, the hardcore producer from the 90's. I collected all the ruffneck vinyls when I was about 12 years old. I just loved the covers of the records, but also the ruffneck music style. Still I think my tracks, at least the way of arrangements, are inspired by the style of Ruffneck. If I look to the biggest source of inspiration from nowadays, I would say that has to be Guy J.

03. Your favourite Juicebox release so far?
Subandrio - Sigiriya

04. For the geeks, what's lying around in your studio?
A picture of me dressed as Santa Clause with my beautiful wife on my lap, taken in the caribbean, a buddha statue, Event 20/20 bas speakers, Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro headphones, Ableton Live 9 with Arturia Analog lab synths, sylenth1 and other vst's and a Novation Launchkey 49 midi-keyboard. I sold my hardware synth because the sounds I want to create can be created by using VST's.

05. The end of the world is coming, your last performance. Tell us five tracks you would want to play.
Jakatta - American Dream
Planet Funk - Chase The Sun
Daft Punk - Alive
Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
Guy J - Live Another Day


"Maurice Caron - 7 IX" is now available on Beatport as part of the 'Elements - Vol 1' release.

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