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Kicking things off with 'Elements - Volume I' is Karthikeyan Sivasankar, aka Tatsama, hailing from Hyderabad (India), with 'Open Spaces'. With previous releases on Wind Horse Records, Good Stuff Recordings and more, his productions have a certain freshness while retaining simplicity, enabling it to work perfectly on a dance floor and casual listening alike. For 'Open Spaces', he's executed the same motto, while going a bit deeper down the rabbit hole. Revolving around an ever-evolving ethnic and haunting ambience, Tatsama carefully anchors the soul with a tight percussive-oriented groove, making it a treat for both the mind and soul.

Read our quick-fire questions below:

01. Could you tell us something about yourself that we possibly couldn't find on the internet?
I love chocolate.

02. Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration to do what you do now in music?
My parents. Without them, this would all be just a dream. They are without a doubt, my oldest and most constant source of inspiration.

03. Your favourite Juicebox release so far?
Blusoul - Depth Of Emotion.

04. For the geeks, what's lying around in your studio?
Ahh, my favourite question haha!

Outboard Gear:
- dbx 266XL Comp/Gate (still gets used 🙂 )
- Focusrite Trakmaster Pro
- Waldorf Blofeld

- Behringer ECM8000
- AKG C1000S
- SE Electronics 2200A

- Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6

- Focal Twin6 Be
- Avantone Mixcube ( Single)
- A Pair of really crappy desktop speakers.

05. The end of the world is coming, your last performance, Tell us five tracks you would want to play.
I would cancel that performance and spend the remaining time with people that matter the most to me. I would probably have The Doors - The End, playing on repeat haha.


"Tatsama - Open Spaces" is now available on Beatport as part of the 'Elements - Vol 1' release.

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