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Juicebox Interviews Luka Sambe

Sydney (Australia) based Luka Sambe’s productions have found their place in well-respected labels like Lost & Found, Mesmeric, Perspectives Digital & Traum. With a knack for creating exquisite soundscapes, along with serious attention to detail, his music portrays a sonically-lush journey that many crave in this formulaic world. We’re thrilled to have closed 2016 with Luka Sambe’s

Quick 5 – Ablekid

Celebrating the release of ‘Elements – Vol I’ on Juicebox Music and coming in 3rd to bat is Daniel Moore, aka Ablekid, with ‘Consciousness Conductor’. A veteran DJ/producer from the famous Orlando underground, now lives in Austin (Texas, USA). Much like his esteemed mix sets, Ablekid’s honed his production skills to become more refined and

Quick 5 – Maurice Caron

Celebrating the release of ‘Elements – Vol I’ on Juicebox Music, we catch up with Maurice Caron who provided us with ‘7 IX’. Based in Leeuwarden (Netherlands), is knack for creating deep musical pieces has earned him places on labels like Particles, Inmost and Majestic Family. ‘7 IX’ consists of multiple arpeggiated high-pitched tones converging

Quick 5 – Tatsama

Kicking things off with ‘Elements – Volume I’ is Karthikeyan Sivasankar, aka Tatsama, hailing from Hyderabad (India), with ‘Open Spaces’. With previous releases on Wind Horse Records, Good Stuff Recordings and more, his productions have a certain freshness while retaining simplicity, enabling it to work perfectly on a dance floor and casual listening alike. For

Juicebox Interviews Color Ray

Pune (India) based Shrinivas Sundar, better known as Color Ray, is definitely one of India’s best kept musical secrets. Shooting to fame in a short time span, with his spellbinding remix of Praveen Achary’s “Morning & More” released in 2012, he’s been the new kid on the block that everyone’s got their eyes on. With

Juicebox Interviews A U

Based in Bangalore, one of India’s founding cities that promoted forward thinking dance music, comes a relatively young duo under the alias – A U (also known as Audio Units). Under the ‘A U’ guise, the two brothers – Ashwin Baburao and Ashrith Baburao aim to take their production approach in a more non-linear fashion with

Juicebox Interviews Rodrigo Mateo

Hailing from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, this young man has made a mark for himself in Argentina’s vibrant music scene. His peculiar sound selection and recognizable melodies aim to achieve his vision, songs are stories and music is the vehicle. He believes ” Music shouldn’t be done if there is nothing to tell”.

Juicebox Interviews Santiago Garcia

We catch up with Argentinian – Santiago Garcia, for a one-on-one conversation discussing his unique sound that’s made him in-demand, his thoughts on the Argentinian music scene as well as celebrating the first release of Juicebox Music for which he provided a floor rumbling interpretation. With productions on Flow Vinyl, Mesmeric, Particles and many more,

Juicebox Interviews Cactus Twisters

We catch up with the Belgian duo – Cactus Twisters, Karim (Ka) and Jerry (Jey), for a one-on-one conversation discussing their influences, studio & DJ’ing chemistry as well as celebrating the first release of Juicebox Music for which they provided a fantastic deep remix. With productions on Electronic Petz, Tulipa, Dubmetrical and many more, their